From the daily archives: Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cliff Schecter was on ONN’s Capitol Square this morning talking about his new book, “The Real McCain”.

He does a good job beating down the whole “straight talker” myth…

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She needs to come out and publicly say that she is not interested in being Obama’s VP.

She should volunteer to help him pick the best VP for the ticket and take herself out of the running.

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The Charlotte Observer’s Mary Curtis asks a great question in a column at WaPo:

Michelle Obama has become an issue in the presidential campaign even though she isn’t running for anything. An educated, successful lawyer, devoted wife and caring mother has been labeled “angry” and unpatriotic and snidely referred to as Barack Obama’s “baby mama.”

Democrats, Republicans, independents, everyone should be offended.

And this black woman is wondering: Where are Obama’s feminist defenders?

Great question.

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