From the daily archives: Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ohio’s economy sucks right now. Just like the national economy. We’re in a recession and people are out of work.

Ohio has been hit especially hard- and Republican politicians know exactly what they need to do to use this to their advantage: find someone to blame.

Obviously they can’t admit that seven years of Bush’s failed economic policies are at fault. No, it must be something a little less specific and a little more scary.

Yes, my friends, it must be the Mexicans!

I’ve been following Mecklenborg’s English-Only bill since he introduced it back in February.

But I find […]

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Decoded only as Tim can at Blogger Interrupted:

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Seemed good for YouTube Tuesday. More coming. Ouch. Pay particular attention to the end. A bit of Swiftboat comes around goes around, maybe? Hehe.

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The Dispatch is reporting that we have an AG candidate: Rich Cordray…

Gov. Ted Strickland will endorse state Treasurer Richard Cordray for attorney general at a press conference Wednesday morning, according to a high-ranking Democratic Party source.

The governor’s endorsement is intended to clear the Democratic field for Cordray, who is then expected to become the party’s nominee for attorney general by vote of the Ohio Democratic Party’s central and executive committees on June 21.

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Funny as hell sketch from SNL with Will Farrell playing Neil Diamond on VH1 Story Tellers.

Farrell-as-Diamond explains the story behind “Coming To America”:

“Few people know that I’m fueled creatively by my massive hatred of immigrants”

Seems appropriate given all of the anti-immigrant bills coming from Ohio’s GOP legislators.

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We’ve got more anti-immigrant legislation working its way through the House.

This time it’s from our favorite old coot Bill Batchelder in the form of H.B. 409.

If passed, the bill would “require that commercial driver’s license tests be given in English.” ( Currently the test is given in 7 different languages. )

Do I really need to explain why this is a bad idea?

It does nothing to help non-native English speakers integrate into English-speaking society and it discriminates against would-be drivers on the basis of national origin.

It’s also really bad for business. Foreign companies do […]

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Important Senate Business

On June 10, 2008 By

According to today’s Senate Calendar, legislators in Ohio’s upper house will spend today working on issues important to all Ohioans, like:

* Designating the last week of May as “Ohio Turfgrass Week.”

* Designating January as “Ohio Mentor Month.”

* Designating May as “Foster Care Month.”

* Proclaiming April as Community Theatre Month to recognize the importance of community theatre in our society.

* Designating the first week of February as “Kawasaki Disease Week.”

* Designating the month of May as “Nurses Month.”

* Declaring Aviation Maintenance Technician Day in Ohio, May […]

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Despite watching virtually zero advertising (and generally disliking the profession altogether), I have to admit… I’m still a sucker for good adverts. And this Nike Football advert I noticed while watching the opening match for my Netherlands in the Euro ’08 Championships last night on my PVR (directed by Guy Ritchie) struck me as totally flippin’ awesome.

This was the dream of every kid booting a ball around on a crappy dirt field.

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