From the daily archives: Saturday, June 21, 2008

Remember John Freshwater?

He’s the “science” teacher from Mount Vernon, Ohio who burned crosses in his students’ arms and taught them that evolution isn’t real.

Yep. Real winner.

So the School board voted 5-0 to fire the guy yesterday.

Score one for science.

And I really hate to say this- I really do- but I have to commend WMD for taking the same position.

I 100% agree that “this type of behavior should never be tolerated.”

Good job guys. Glad to see we finally agree on something.

UPDATE: Again- I don’t always agree with Ralph […]

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I guess it was bound to happen eventually. It always does.

When things get bad – and stay bad for long enough – people eventually give up on the promises of politicians and lose faith in the fleeting miracles of our free markets. Eventually they always turn back to God.

And so it was today in Toledo, Ohio where a group of people from as far away as D.C. gathered at a local gas station to pray for lower fuel prices.

As cars surged steadily down McCord Road, a familiar melody rose from the circle of people beside […]

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