From the daily archives: Saturday, March 18, 2017

Although New York Times columnist Tom Friedman has referred to Donald Trump’s cabinet as a “pickup basketball team,” I have come to believe that the new regime has been performing more like a bunch of 19th round draft picks. The latest evidence is that when Mexican foreign minister Luis Videgaray arrived in Washington for some formal discussions, the State Department swore ignorance of his visit. When the Department’s acting spokesman Mark Toner was asked about it, he said it was news to him..

He said he would check it out. Yippee! Problem solved.

Actually, the official visitor was there to […]

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When a bully’s bluff is called, maybe, just maybe, doing so works in favor of the one being bullied. Democrats, independents and progressives might be able to take the bully by the horn and turn the constitutional convention Republicans clamor for so to their advantage. Wouldn’t that be special!

Former Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn appeared in Columbus on Tuesday to push for the standard set of proposals Republicans want to include in a convention to adjust the U.S. Constitution. A state’s right guy, through and through, Mr. Coburn wants to shrink the federal government down so far that, as Grover […]

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