From the daily archives: Tuesday, March 7, 2017

In the room off my kitchen is a decade old computer desk once used for my antiquated Dell. I have since christened it the National Affairs Desk so I feel as if I’m holed up someplace important, cowering beneath in an attempt to make the voices stop while honing my elementary school duck-and-cover skills.

Everytime I try to put my thoughts down in print something else explodes. And I have a bad case of shiny key syndrome, so easily distracted. Just like the press.

Since November 8th I have gone through the five stages of grief so many times […]

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Many of us remember Ronald Reagan’s effective use of the line, “there you go again.” In light of the purposeful Republican destruction of national education policy, it’s fitting that we use the plural form of that riposte and call out the Great Communicator’s successors in the GOP for their serial vandalism of public education.

Yep, there they go again. As Cole Porter would put it, in looking at Republican education policy today, anything goes.

With the spectre of St. Ronald Reagan haunting us, what is it about old nightmares that return, yet again, more than 35 years later? […]

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It’s amusing, and maybe a little sad, that media has chosen, generally, to not challenge Ohio Gov. John Kasich on his split-personality when it comes taxes, and why he thinks locals should shoulder more taxes.

He says it’s because they have the capacity to do so. But with Kasich, the wealthiest, who can pay multiples more in taxes and still be fabulously well-off, are thrown more tax breaks.

The capacity to impose more taxes is central to Gov. Kasich’s quackery on how to balance a budget that could be billions out of whack even though the national economy is roaring […]

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The phrase, “If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander,” became a bromide re-popularized in 2012 by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Two Ohio Democratic House Members think Romney has a point.

A new bill is aimed directly at Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who the authors of the bill think should better understand what public school teachers do each school day after Kasich proposed business internships for educators as a requirement for obtaining or renewing their teacher’s licenses.

Mr. Kasich loves to take on public sector schools and teachers, even though he spends lots of time […]

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Yesterday was the day for which America has been waiting since, well, forever. In the 1994 Republican manifesto, The Contract For America, Republicans including Ohio’s radical governor John Kasich failed to write one word about healthcare.

Washington Republicans have complained throughout President Barack Obama’s two terms [2009-2017] in office that his historic national health plan — The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ACA] — is broken and failed.

On Monday they finally revealed a budget reconciliation health plan they say will cure the problems in the ACA. House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, who ran as vice president on the 2012 […]

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While you were asleep, the doctor that removed a polyp from your rectum while undergoing what you thought was a free preventative procedure, also removed some money from your wallet to cover the costs.

Welcome to the world of American-style health care, where you don’t know what the bill is until after you’re sent home following whatever was done to you is over. That’s not fake news when it comes to the twists and turns embedded in America’s health care delivery system, where for-profit health care is the underlying foundation for the most expensive system of its kind in the […]

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