From the daily archives: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Representative Pat Tiberi has claimed he is “the most accessible Congressman” Ohio’s 12th district has ever had.  Meanwhile he has been working very hard to avoid town halls and other public events where he might be confronted about his position on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – aka Obamacare.

Monday’s interaction between Tiberi and a small group of Ohio voters did very little to support his declarations of accessibility.

Around 6PM on March 14th, Rep. Tiberi was greeted by constituents when he arrived at a fundraiser in Worthington, Ohio.  After a few seconds of questioning about when […]

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Ohio stands to lose billions of dollars in Medicaid dollars after Republicans destroy the American healthcare system with Trumpcare. Is anyone surprised?


Ohio boasts that it manages Medicaid costs well, helping it serve more people for each tax dollar spent. But the Republican replacement for Obamacare would give Ohio too little money to do that, a study released Monday shows.

The state would fall behind by $19 billion to $25.6 billion by 2025 because the new formula would not keep pace with cost increases, says the analysis by the Center for Community Solutions, a nonpartisan Cleveland-based […]

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