From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Politico reports today that Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton is planning to headline a fundraiser in D.C. this coming Monday for Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel.  Cotton will be joined by Florida Senator Marco Rubio and a long list of Washington insiders and lobbyists.

Mandel lost his first bid for US Senate four years ago when he failed to unseat Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.  In December Mandel officially kicked off his second campaign for the same seat by co-opting the same strategy that Trump used to win Ohio by 8 points last year.   In his campaign kickoff video Mandel vowed to […]

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Gov. John Kasich was out of state again last week, this time on a travel junket to Europe to attend the Munich Security Conference at the invitation of Arizona Sen. McCain to join a bipartisan delegation. The two-term governor said he was there to pitch Ohio’s great potential to business leaders.

After leaving Germany, where the economy is strong because unions play such an important role, the term-limited governor hopped the Channel to London to meet with business leaders and elected officials to encourage them to bring more economic development opportunities to Ohio.

“Our great Buckeye state has much […]

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Dear Governor Kasich,

Your proposal in the budget to require teachers to complete an “on-site work experience” with a local business as a condition of renewing our teaching licenses is baffling. Even the state legislators in your own party didn’t seem to see the value in it, and have indicated that they most likely will not support it. What exactly did you hope to accomplish by our spending time observing or even participating in a field outside of education? Despite a lot of press coverage, we were given few details about the thinking behind this mind-boggling mandate, but the director […]

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