From the daily archives: Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ohio’s “out-of-touch, thin-skinned governor,” John Kasich, as some view him, got a taste of his own bitter medicine and immediately spit it out. But that’s basic Kasich when it comes to anyone bold enough to ask the governor to accept the same advice he loves to dish out for others.

The cause of Kasich’s partisan outrage this time came when two Democratic Ohio legislators took his advice to “yell into the cockpit” once in a while in order to get the pilot’s attention.

Ohio’s top gun executive pilot was in Washington at the White House recently trying to mend […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich appears to be the living embodiment of the fictional character at the heart of ┬ábaseball’s most popular poem, “Casey at the Bat.

The mighty Casey was so confident of his hitting prowess that he didn’t swing at the first two pitches, both strikes. With runners on third and second, and trailing by two runs in the bottom of the 9th inning, Casey went down swinging, sending the Mudville Nine home losers.

John Kasich isn’t known for his baseball skills, but he thinks he’s the best politico in the world. He knows well just […]

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Two Ohio elected officials offer agendas that differ by wide margins. But which one is right? The only thing “right” about Republican state Treasurer Josh Mandel’s rubber-match vendetta campaign against twice-elected Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, is the state treasurer’s crusade to oppose sanctuary cities.

Mandel’s “alt-right” horror movie campaign appears scripted to replay Donald Trump’s national magic trick that won big in center-right Ohio in two years. With luck, ISIS will not have established a beachhead somewhere on the long shorelines of Lake Erie or the Ohio River by mid-term election time.

By contrast, what’s right about Sen. Brown’s […]

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We’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole, smashed through the looking glass and plunged into what we wish was an alternate reality.

Since the rise of Trump we’ve seen the rise and normalization of State Media.

Here in the states, Fox and right wing talk radio become basically the propaganda arm of the modern Republican Party. In 2009 they were the PR agency for the Tea Party with near constant praise. Fox touted rallies, called disruption of Congressional town halls grass roots patriotism and let on air hosts appear as featured speakers.

Hannity was perhaps the most egregious example during […]

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