From the daily archives: Friday, March 10, 2017

Andrew Brenner, as you may recall in a social media message last year, dubbed public education as socialism and suggested the system be privatized. Below is a Legislative Service Commission description of his universal voucher bill – HB 102. To replace locally levied school district property taxes with a statewide property tax and require recipients of certain tax exemptions to reimburse the state for such levy revenue lost due to those exemptions; to increase the state sales and use tax rates and allocate additional revenue to state education purposes; to repeal school district income taxes; to require the Treasurer […]

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Growing pains.

So that’s how it is among beleaguered Republican congressmen.

Growing pains! That, at least, is the remarkable explanation of House Speaker Paul Ryan of the chaos his caucus has created in the party’’s nearly decade-long attempt to repeal Obamacare. He explains it with a giddy tight-lipped smile as if there were worse things for the House to be concerned about these days than the millions of Americans who would be denied health care insurance because of the prescribed Trump “fix’.

You would think that by now the Republican grudge against Barack Obama would have found a way to […]

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