Growing pains.

So that’s how it is among beleaguered Republican congressmen.

Growing pains! That, at least, is the remarkable explanation of House Speaker Paul Ryan of the chaos his caucus has created in the party’’s nearly decade-long attempt to repeal Obamacare. He explains it with a giddy tight-lipped smile as if there were worse things for the House to be concerned about these days than the millions of Americans who would be denied health care insurance because of the prescribed Trump “fix’.

You would think that by now the Republican grudge against Barack Obama would have found a way to deal seriously with what the R’s grimly tell us is a disaster. Instead it has met jeers from liberals, conservatives, the AARP, American Medical Assn., American Hospital Assn., and a flood of Americans to wash down Trump’s approval ratings to an undernourished 41 pct.

Unfortunately Ryan , Majority leader Mitch McConnell and the white guys in the GOP caucus – invertebrates all – are so well situated in personal health care that they needn’t be very concerned. All the while, Trump, oblivious to the turmoil, says he’s pleased that it’s all going so well, will continue to huff and puff until he finally blows his own house down. Until then, he has a wall to build.

So the burden falls on, Ryan, the overwhelmed lad from little Janesville, Wi., who once was a disciple of individualist Ayn Rand and passed out her books to his staff. He disowned her when he discovered she was an atheist. (What took him so long?)

He cheerfully spoke of the growing pains as though they were the anticipated side effects of the routine dosage required for him and his colleagues who earnestly promised their people back home that Obamacare repeal would be the first order of business in the new congress. How could they not take up the challenge with a straight face? A promise is a promise!

One after another, they have popped up, and down and around, squirming to display their sincerity as the people’s representatives to remind us why they were keeping their promises and could not afford to be considered liars like Trump.

But shouldn’t we warn them that the Promised Land in this instance is not what they had bargained for ?