Although New York Times columnist Tom Friedman has referred to Donald Trump’s cabinet as a “pickup basketball team,” I have come to believe that the new regime has been performing more like a bunch of 19th round draft picks. The latest evidence is that when Mexican foreign minister Luis Videgaray arrived in Washington for some formal discussions, the State Department swore ignorance of his visit. When the Department’s acting spokesman Mark Toner was asked about it, he said it was news to him..

He said he would check it out. Yippee! Problem solved.

Actually, the official visitor was there to meet with President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, a VIP these days who needn’t bother to inform others in the mix of his appointments.

I have the feeling that Trump’s well-oiled machine is flawed by the person who mistakenly hung Henri Matisse’s painting “le
Bateau” upside down in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art for 47 days before the error was discovered.

In the comings and goings, it was good to see Trump describe his meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel as “great” – as in making America great – despite her quizzical stares at him as he spoke during their news conference. His boorish conduct was seen around the world and was embarrassing to those of us who are satisfied to simply call ourselves Americans.