From the daily archives: Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A new xenophobic petition by Ohio Tea Party groups urges Governor Kasich to fight any attempts by the federal government to use Ohio “as a dumping ground” for “illegals.”

The petition appears to be a response to recent news stories that tens of thousands of children from countries like Honduras and Guatemala are stuck in the US awaiting deportation thanks to a 2008 law signed by George W. Bush.

The Tea Party petition declares that “illegal aliens are being admitted into the United States with contagions” without providing any details or evidence to support the claim. It continues to insist that Ohioans would […]

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As Mike DeWine’s pay to play scandal continues to unfold, we are seeing new evidence and new stories about the widening scope each week.  This week was no exception…

Back in January we found out that law firms seeking work with the AG’s office have donated $1.3 million to DeWine, the ORP and Mike DeWine’s son, Hamilton County Appellate Court Judge Pat DeWine.    And recently it was revealed that lawyers from firms seeking special counsel work with DeWine have donated over $359,000 to his campaign.

DeWine and his team continue to claim that the contracts are awarded to the best firms, and […]

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No sooner had Ed FitzGerald aired his first campaign TV spot of the 2014 election season Wednesday morning, that  Ohio Republican Party tried to take a bite out of a candidate little known outside his home turf of Cuyahoga County who appears unshakable by Gov. John R. Kasich and his many allies.

In an email blasted out today that announced a new negative website called “Meet the Real Ed FitzGerald,” a GOP state party spokesman repeated the half-truths and full-blown fibs Gov. Kasich and his team have reiterated over and over again that fail to tell the whole story […]

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With Election Day in Ohio just over 15 weeks away, Gov. John R. Kasich, running for a second term this year, has already had three TV spots designed to convince voters they should rehire him to a second and final four-year term.

Gov. Kasich, 62-years old, has been a Republican since before he won his first election for state senator in 1978. But voters wouldn’t know that from watching his positive TV spots so far. Not one identifies him as a member of the GOP who has embraced virtually every position rank and file Republicans support.

Elected in 2010, the year […]

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