From the daily archives: Friday, July 11, 2014

Days in Northern Ohio have become much livelier in the heat of summer. The past week or so, for example, has produced three tornadic events: A real tornado in Medina County, LeBron James’ epic decision to return to the Cavaliers, and, of course, the Republican eruptive choice of Cleveland for its 2016 national convention.

So far, the GOP hasn’t found a way to blame the tornado nor LeBron’s flight from Florida – a key battleground state – on President Obama. But Marco Rubio is doubtless still working on it in James’ case, including it in a new immigration reform package […]

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John Kasich took to Twitter this afternoon in an attempt to capitalize on the announcement that LeBron James would be returning to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.   Never one to sweat the details, Kasich’s Twitter jockeys didn’t bother to check how LeBron (with a capital B) spells his name or take the time to verify that they were referencing his actual Twitter account.   Instead, they ended up referencing a LeBron James “parody page”.   (James’ real Twitter name is @KingJames).

Here’s the Tweet:



Then again, John Kasich has never been much of a LeBron James fan.    “I’m […]

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