From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Speaking to reporters Tuesday at the downtown Columbus headquarters of the Ohio Democratic Party, David Pepper, Democratic Nominee for Ohio Attorney General, came down hard on incumbent Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine for overseeing a culture of pay-to-play politics, the likes of which has not been seen since the second term of Gov. Robert Taft, when Ohio voters rebelled at the many pay-to-play scandals during his administration that became front page news, giving Ohio voters good reason to vote Democrats into all but one statewide office in 2006.

The Dayton Daily News published an article based on public records recently, […]

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In an exclusive video interview Tuesday at Ohio Democratic Headquarters in downtown Columbus, David Pepper confronts incumbent first-term Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine for failing to act on the many scandals that became public last week, when four teachers who taught at Horizon charters schools in the Dayton-area brought their first-hand testimony to the Ohio Board of Education.

Pepper provided this exclusive comment following the regularly scheduled press conference at which he lambasted Ohio’s current attorney general, elected in 2010 along with other Republicans who won office with the help from Tea Party activists, for what he said called “revelations […]

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With a former student and teacher from the Horizon Science Academy flanking him Monday, Ohio Rep. John Patrick Carney charged Republican Auditor of State David Yost with not launching an investigation contemporaneous with the violations that the Ohio Board of Education heard last week from four teachers who worked for the charter school.

But the whistleblower teachers might soon find themselves under the microscope. The agency headed by Dr. Richard Ross, an appointee of Gov. John R. Kasich, whose future aspirations to jump into presidential politics in 2016 or sooner rests wholly on winning a second term this […]

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