From the daily archives: Monday, July 21, 2014

More incriminating evidence surfaced this weekend in Mike DeWine’s ever-growing pay to play scandal when the Dayton Daily News published the results of their investigation into how AG’s office awards lucrative contracts for collections work.   The article provides the most convincing evidence yet that DeWine is personally handing out state work to his friends and donors.

In the most shocking example, “Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine passed over more experienced vendors in favor of a friend’s new collections agency,”  said the paper.   The experienced firm, Value Recovery Group (VRG), had done work for the past five attorneys general and had extensive experience […]

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The Consumer News and Business Channel, which went live in 1991, is a network dedicated to promoting business, especially the CEO stars de jour. Most newspapers publish a business section that generally adulates and cheers for business owners.

The invention of so-called “job creators ” entered into the political parlance in the 2012 race to the White House between Mitt Romney and Republicans, whose declaration of “We built this” was a verbal counter offensive to “You didn’t build that,” a phrase President Obama and Democrats used that admonished those who conveniently forget that everyone pays for infrastructure like roads […]

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