From the daily archives: Friday, July 18, 2014

A “Dear Patriots” letter, sent from Buckeye Tea Party activists, called the faithful to anti-illegal immigration rallies scheduled in eight cities across the state this weekend, including one on Friday in Columbus, Ohio. Reporters from Plunderbund were there to capture the action.

“We are a nation of immigrants, but none the less, as a nation we must protect our sovereignty,” read the letter.  “That means that we have actual borders, and that we can decide who comes into our nation and who does not come into our nation. We support LEGAL Immigration. But we do not support Illegal Immigration or […]

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When I think of Mike DeWine, I think of God-given goodness.

(Bear with me, folks.)

When I think of Mike DeWine, the over-achieving Republican attorney general of Ohio, I think of random acts of kindness, of rainbows, of the morning dew glistening in the break of day, of the yellow brick road of Oz, of….

At least , that’s what Mike DeWine wants me to think. But he’s been around long enough for me to have second thoughts, that his political career invokes something much less warmly engaging than his current public mythiness despite friendly editorial embraces from Ohio’s mainstream […]

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Weeks after Ohio’s Republican Gov. John R. Kasich signed into law SB 310, legislation that started a two-year freeze on annual increases in standards for renewable energy and energy efficiency that was accompanied by a second bill that included new setback restrictions on wind turbines, he’s come under fire for saying he is “as committed to green energy as ever” then proving how little his commitment really is by junking a bill that a Republican-controlled legislature approved nearly unanimously in 2008; a bill that former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland signed into law.

“I spent more time and more effort […]

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At the State Board of Education meeting this week, four former teachers from the Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School testified about years of questionable practices and behavior, some of which had been previously reported and ignored by the Ohio Department of Education.

The things the teachers observed while teaching at the school are nothing short of appalling and the teachers were told by school administrators to avoid contacting the Ohio Department of Education and they feared losing their jobs and jeopardizing their careers if they reported the incidents.

Former teachers Kellie Kochensparger and Richard Storrick, reported […]

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