From the daily archives: Thursday, July 31, 2014

In some cultures, eating maggots is everyday fare. Cooking them rather than eating them raw kills the bacteria on the surface and makes them tastier, it’s been said. And deep fried, maybe like they do Buckeyes at the Ohio State Fair, just make them crunchy and nutty flavored, a bit like pork rinds , reviews of the tiny creatures—fly larva, really—note. And because maggots are fatty, bizarre food experts say they represent a good source of calories, in case you’re forced into survival mode.

But in the western world, and in heartland Ohio specifically, interaction between people and maggots […]

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On Monday, July 7, Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that he had certified the petition language for the so-called Ohio Clean Energy Initiative. This initiative, which would be an amendment to the state Constitution – provided it gets the necessary 385,253 certified signatures – would require the state of Ohio to issue $1.3 billion in bonds per year over the course of 10 years to finance clean energy investments. This marks the fourth separate time that the group behind the idea, Yes for Ohio’s Energy Future, has attempted to put it before voters.

Now, on the surface, this […]

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