A new xenophobic petition by Ohio Tea Party groups urges Governor Kasich to fight any attempts by the federal government to use Ohio “as a dumping ground” for “illegals.”

The petition appears to be a response to recent news stories that tens of thousands of children from countries like Honduras and Guatemala are stuck in the US awaiting deportation thanks to a 2008 law signed by George W. Bush.

The Tea Party petition declares that “illegal aliens are being admitted into the United States with contagions” without providing any details or evidence to support the claim. It continues to insist that Ohioans would face “health hazards” if “exposed” to the children and young adults who are stuck in the U.S., while claiming many “are criminals” who “belong to gangs.” Again, without providing any proof.

The petition has been signed by dozens of Ohio Tea Party activists including Kelly Kohls and Tom Zawitsowski.

Here’s the full text of the petition:

Dear Governor Kasich,

This petition concerns the illegal immigration crisis happening on our southern border, in which a massive influx of immigrants is seeking unauthorized entry to the United States. In addition to our outrage over the deliberate role the federal government is taking in this effort that violates our immigration laws, there are serious concerns regarding the government’s attempts to relocate illegal aliens in states across the U.S., including Ohio.

With the federal government actively seeking locations across the country to accommodate this unprecedented overflow of illegal adult immigrants and unaccompanied minors, Ohio should not be allowed to be used as a dumping ground, nor should the residents of Ohio be forced to bear any part of the burden of the ongoing border crisis created by the current Administration in Washington D.C.

Besides the negative fiscal impact it will have on our state, it will create an even further strain on educational, health, safety, and other vital services provided by our state to Ohio residents. Illegal aliens are being admitted into the United States with contagions, and TSA has suspended photo i.d. requirements for illegals boarding commercial aircraft. Some of the illegals are criminals, belong to gangs, and have no legal relative in the United States. Ohioans should not be exposed to the health hazards and security risks posed by such aliens.

Therefore, we the undersigned Ohio residents respectfully request that you exercise all Federal & State Constitutional power and authority afforded to you as Governor of this state, to vigorously resist any federal relocation attempts of these individuals within the borders of our state.

In closing, by standing strong against any federal relocation attempts, it will show by action, that you truly put legal Ohio residents first.

(ht to our old pal Tim at the Cleveland Leader)

  • john curry

    The ‘baggers need educated as to the fact that the children coming from these Central American countries have been immunized against the common childhood diseases by their countries which have universal healthcare and immunization is enforced. If these same ‘baggers would move themselves to read (I know, that’s asking for a lot) public health stats they would discover that 1 in 6 Texas children have NOT been immunized against these very same diseases! Heck, Columbus, Ohio had over 400 cases of mumps this year because of failure to immunize children
    …why aren’t the ‘baggers complaining about that!

  • DublinIrishBob

    A large gang of contagions that inflict burdens and harm unto the people of Ohio belong to the “Majority Party” in the Statehouse. Perhaps Ben Marrison can send his crack team of reporters to investigate them.

  • Think.

    A more popular petition might be: Don’t Use Ohio As “Dumping Ground” For “Tea Partiers” With “Contagions”

  • tlynch67

    I wanna see Tom Zawitsowkis Papers now! PROPULSK !

  • rayy

    Yeah, they think we’re gonna get “cooties”–that’s the maturity level.

  • Red Rover

    “The USSR is a socialist state of workers and peasants.” I don’t see the connection to your comment, but it’s a cool poster.

  • MsAmerica

    I think it is a reference to the probability that Zawitsowski’s ancestors were probably Russian or Polish. I am guessing that Kohl’s is a German name. It was really not that long ago that my ancestors came to the U.S. to escape wars in Germany and Poland. I have heard terrible stories of prejudice against Italians and Irish. We Americans have a long history of prejudice against immigrants. This is just another chapter. Not something I am proud of.

  • tlynch67

    Perhaps you’ve never been anywhere, never had an official extend his palm into your face and demand; “Papers.”

  • Red Rover

    I understand your comment. The picture just has almost nothing to do with it.

  • Jetstar99999

    Obama is all about putting year 2020 mass blocks of voters into Ohio, Texass, North Carolina and Florida and several other states – if he does so, it means Michelle cannot be stopped – (As Bill Clinton failed to do -) it means 16 year for Obama in de facto terms.

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