The New York Times is running a series of video “Retro Reports” where they cover stories from the past, including this one from 1992 in which a 79 year old woman spilled hot coffee on herself and was awarded a large award from a jury.

The first nine minutes of the twelve minute segment discuss how the media misinterpreted and made a joke of the story, even though the women was seriously injured in the incident, receiving burns on 16% of her body, 6% of which were third degree burns. Some were so severe she needed skin grafts to repair them.

Right about nine minutes in, the video shows John Kasich making a case for Tort Reform (i.e. limiting jury settlements) based on the unreliable media reporting about this story.

It’s over 20 years later now, but Kasich continues to spin his bullshit theories for the press at events like his year end speech to the Chamber. At that event he claimed all of Ohio’s recent economic problems are being caused by Washington. A day later we found out that Ohio lost more jobs than any other state in November, all while continuing to show higher unemployment than the national average.

Take credit for any random successes. Blame someone else for all failures. And use any story, true or not, to help advance your own political agenda.

That’s the Kasich mantra. That’s Kasich’s secret to political success. And it hasn’t changed for over two decades.

Marc Kovac has the full video of the Chamber event here.