It’s getting spooky.
That constant starry-eyed Kasich grin, I mean.  His rapturous  references on the stump  to  his partnership that has  peaced-him-up with the Lord.
412SRE679QL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_Headlines refer to him now as the Happy Warrior..  The national media, having sought in vain to change the subject from their own partnership with all things Trump, have bought into the idea that the Ohio governor is gleefully standing at the Pearly Gates these days.  It’s not the guy we have come to know back in Ohio.  But here comes another story  from New Hampshire that the voters have a Happy Warrior moving around in their midst.
The smiley-face  logo for a presidential campaign was seeded in 1928 when Al Smith, the four term New York Democratic governor chose to upgrade his  career  by seeking the presidency.
The Happy Warrior, he was called. But it didn’t work out happily for him.  He was beaten  by Herbert Hoover, of all people..
 The defeat was largely attributed to the notion that although Al was happy, he was  thought to be a Papist.  Sort of  like  Obama being called a Muslim, don’t you think?
A born-again, Kasich is smiling at every opportunity .  The other day his response to a reporter on TV was a burst of  joy that  jumbled his words.
But in his more reflective moments running 20 points behind Trump,  Kasich  oddly conceded at a town hall meeting a few days ago “if I get snuffed out in New Hampshire,  it’s ballgame over.”  On  caucus day in Iowa, Kasich willl  be in New Hampshire  for another of the more than 85 town halls where he’s preached  for votes.And if he loses he will have to come back to Ohio and  the mess he’s left behind.