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An Ohio state representative intends to introduce legislation to name a highway after a doctor who popularized the idiotic theory that victims of rape don’t get pregnant.

Dr. Jack Willke, founder of Cincinnati Right to Life, was best known as the purveyor of that odious falsehood, and now state Rep. Jim Buchy, R-Greenville, wants to name a portion of Ohio state Rt. 119 after him. Willke died in February 2015.

Willke wrote a book in 1971 called “Why Can’t We Love Them Both: Questions and Answers About Abortion,” in which he claimed women rarely get pregnant as a result of rape because the […]

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PD Likes John Kasich For VP

On December 30, 2015 By

A curious thing happened to Gov. Kasich as his indomitable narcissistic second quest for the Oval Office led him to the precincts of New Hampshire: one of his major Ohio cheerleaders unofficially endorsed him – for vice president.

You could read today’s Plain Dealer editorial several ways, portentously that he’s tilting windmills for the Republican nomination, or flatteringly that he rises above all of his brethren for the veep’s office and deserves to be recognized for a distinguished career
as the son of a blue collar mailman that would put him on the path of making his state great […]

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In the months leading up to the takeover of the Youngstown City Schools through the hijacking of House Bill 70, Governor Kasich, State Superintendent Dick Ross, and Youngstown Superintendent Connie Hathorn continually duped the public by claiming that solutions needed to “come from the community” while they worked in secret to create a puppet cabinet and the amended legislation.

Our station checked in with Youngstown City Schools to see if district leaders had heard from Kasich.

“Well I’m pretty sure that if the governor is going to do anything, he’s going to contact the school board first or the commission. I […]

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Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges had more than socks to give this year for Christmas Eve. In an interview with the Dayton Daily News printed Dec. 24, Borges said he wants to rile up the right with a ballot issue limiting state benefits extended to immigrants.

And why does he want to do this? Because he thinks it’s good policy? Hell no.

“That might really juice turnout,” he said.

It doesn’t have to be an anti-immigrant proposal, Borges said, anything that will exploit the fear and the hate in his party and get voters off their couches and at the voting […]

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As Gov. Kasich takes a deep breath and another gulp of he-man supplements for his 2016 stretch run to the New Hampshire primary, the reports arriving from the front tell us that he’s preparing to wind up his $11.5 million TV ad campaign in the Granite State with a $5 million blitz from his piggy bank.

Kasich gleefully told ABC’s This Week ”I”m surging, as you know.” But like so many of his claims that we didn’t know, it’s the exhuberant side of him that leaves us wondering what his political fortune-telling is all about as the polls tell us […]

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Kasich For America [KFA], the Super PAC grinding out millions on TV ads trashing GOP leader Donald Trump, is facing threats of an audit from the Federal Election Commission [FEC] for failing to include enough detail on its last set of FEC filings.

For Ohio’s 63-year old term-limited governor, who cruised to an easy second election win last year when voter turnout was the lowest since World War II at 36.2 percent, keeping information on how he and his team operate outside the public realm is basic Kasich.

Kasich Can Stiff PB But Not FEC

While requests for public records from Plunderbund […]

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The order of the day seems to be a reflection on times gone past, as we bend our shoulders and hunch toward a new year, fraught by visions of what 2016 might bring upon our already frightful politics.

Fear is in every bottle, so grab a tumbler, pull up a stool and drink it down. The first glass burns, but after the ice begins to melt in the second, the harsh frontier whiskey gives way to its floral undertones and, at long last, sweet corn mash relief, if only for a bit.

“I’ve had my fill of fucking intellectuals.”

That, brothers […]

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State Superintendent Dick Ross talked to the State Board of Education in July about the Youngstown Schools Takeover:

He said he did not tell the school board because it was not his proposal. He said he was given written ideas from the group there, offered advice, but is not sure who had the legal language for the bill amendment written.

“It came from Youngstown,” Ross told the board, adding: “I provided assistance.” (The Plain Dealer, July 20, 2015)

“…not his proposal.”
“…not sure who had the legal language for the bill amendment written.”
“It came from […]

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Standing in stark contrast to the breathless day-by-day reviews of where Ohio Gov. John Kasich will be in New Hampshire in the coming weeks and what his PR handlers are telling go-along reporters about his chances to become the presidential pick of Republicans next year, The Toledo Blade has shown itself willing on more than one occasion to deliver the kind of blunt and candid assessments of Mr. Kasich’s leadership The Columbus Dispatch and Cleveland Plain Dealer appear politically freighted to do in any meaningful way.

In a Sunday editorial called “Mr. Kasich’s leadership,” The Blade delivered a 752-word […]

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How perfect is this? A state leader with aspirations to be commander-in-chief rails against a lopsided, partisan system of legislative district map making he voted for then signed into law?

But that’s basic Kasich, complain about situation he was a key player in creating, and could have changed dramatically had he been as manipulative with it as has now been revealed he was with he and his administration’s behind-the-scenes efforts on budgeting and taking over Youngstown’s public school systems.

Governing At The Extremes

Ohio’s term-limited governor speaks about the state’s terribly gerrymandered districts as if he were an innocent bystander, […]

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Iowa caucus voters start voting for president next year on Feb 1 with New Hampshire primary voters following eight days later on Feb. 9.

For the 13 Republicans jockeying for pole position in the demolition derby called the GOP primary season, only five of them—Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, real estate billionaire Donald Trump, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie—have any shot of taking on the Democratic nominee next year, according to an interactive match-up offered by Full Story...