From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Kasich For America [KFA], the Super PAC grinding out millions on TV ads trashing GOP leader Donald Trump, is facing threats of an audit from the Federal Election Commission [FEC] for failing to include enough detail on its last set of FEC filings.

For Ohio’s 63-year old term-limited governor, who cruised to an easy second election win last year when voter turnout was the lowest since World War II at 36.2 percent, keeping information on how he and his team operate outside the public realm is basic Kasich.

Kasich Can Stiff PB But Not FEC

While requests for public records from Plunderbund […]

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The order of the day seems to be a reflection on times gone past, as we bend our shoulders and hunch toward a new year, fraught by visions of what 2016 might bring upon our already frightful politics.

Fear is in every bottle, so grab a tumbler, pull up a stool and drink it down. The first glass burns, but after the ice begins to melt in the second, the harsh frontier whiskey gives way to its floral undertones and, at long last, sweet corn mash relief, if only for a bit.

“I’ve had my fill of fucking intellectuals.”

That, brothers […]

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