From the daily archives: Monday, December 7, 2015

In a new poll of New Hampshire voters, Donald Trump’s standing at the top of the heap has changed little over the last month and one-half.

Mr. Trump, Public Policy Polling finds, leads with 27 percent to less than half that figure [13%] for Ted Cruz who’s risen to second place in the early primary state that votes February 9. In descending order, Marco Rubio has 11 percent, Chris Christie has 10 percent, Ben Carson has 9 percent.

Kasich 6th As People Find They Don’t Like Him

Logging in in sixth place with eight percent is Ohio Gov. John […]

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They’re scared of us, folks, and they’re smart to be. Ohio Republicans know that making any significant move on the “right to work” plan state Rep. Tom Brinkman has put forward would harsh their 2016 like nothing else could.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is still frowning his way through the big GOP Presidential Dance, and doesn’t want any part of the teeth gnashing such a bill would set off in his home state. While¬†Ohio Republicans, in their heart of hearts, would love to kick unions as hard as they can, they know that if they try, Lucy’s going to pull […]

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