A curious thing happened to Gov. Kasich as his indomitable narcissistic second quest for the Oval Office led him to the precincts of New Hampshire: one of his major Ohio cheerleaders unofficially endorsed him – for vice president.

You could read today’s Plain Dealer editorial several ways, portentously that he’s tilting windmills for the Republican nomination, or flatteringly that he rises above all of his brethren for the veep’s office and deserves to be recognized for a distinguished career
as the son of a blue collar mailman that would put him on the path of making his state great again.

Again? He insists that because of his leadership it’s already great but one understands the PD’s yearning for higher Buckeye status in the nation’s capital. Not since Warren Harding’s presidency back in the Roaring 20s, for heaven’s sake, have Ohioans had their man in the White House. But considering his indifference to his ill-chosen nefarious Ohio Gang of wheeler-dealers, why would anybody want to brag about that? (One of Harding’s friends had his own private office in the White House without a title but a quick hand in piling up huge profit from selling great quantities of booze.)

So the PD has chosen Kasich as a shiny political talent , “an alluring prospect for vice president”, concluding that “Ohio is overdue for a major party vice president and, given Republicans need for the state’s electoral voice, John Kasich just might fill the bill.”

So what are we to think? Kasich is still in the presidential mix, sort of, and a major newspaper is talking about the vice presidency, a job that demotes him to AAA from the Major League. Still for him to know that a big paper back home is playing nice with him despite his poll numbers will likely sustain his quest all the way through…(Fill in the blank.)