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Now that Gov. John Kasich has bet the ranch on how well he does in New Hampshire, voters there got a view on Mr. Kasich from a Granite Stater who transplanted himself to Ohio.

Ed Dow graduated high school in New Hampshire and now lives in Medway, Ohio. He penned a letter to the editor that outlined his view of Ohio’s chronically crusty governor. Published last week by the Ledger Transcript newspaper, Mr. Dow sums up Gov. Kasich in ways Camp Kasich probably won’t like but know are true nonetheless.

“Having lived under Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s administration, I offer […]

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For everyone who didn’t hear Gov. John Kasich’s fifth self-basting year-end review, held Tuesday in Westerville, don’t worry. Just read about his previous four sermons on governance and just change the date.

Ohio’s 69th Governor isn’t called “The Pope” for nothing, as he again showed today when he romanced what he’s done and offered another encyclical on what he’s going to. He reminded media and an accepting audience of how political CEOs like him roll. “That’s just the way it has to be,” Mr. Kasich said about his governing formula that includes lower income taxes, smaller government, less regulation and […]

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If pigs had wings, they could fly. If gravity wasn’t a proven law of the universe, people could defy it. If John Kasich had campaigned in 2010 on gutting collective bargaining for public sector workers, he would have lost by a half-million votes.

At a Monday night town hall at Concord’s McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, another iffy scenario seems as unlikely as pigs flying and people floating in mid air. The perpetually petulant Governor of Ohio showed the tremendous uncertainly that underlies his false bravado of eventually being elected president next year.

“If I become a story out of […]

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It’s highly unlikely that any New Hampshire reporters will ask Ohio Gov. John Kasich whether he thinks new Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan makes a solid case for his leadership in brokering the passage of a $1.1 trillion budget bill, or whether his friend and political compatriot, Ohio junior U.S. Senator Rob Portman, was right to stand up for his commonsense conservative principles when he crowed about all the Washington goodies coming Ohio’s way in a bill he voted against?

With his poll numbers sinking nationally, Gov. Kasich is again campaigning in New Hampshire, this time with his wife and […]

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A couple of months after Dick Ross and staff from Governor Kasich’s office created the Youngstown Cabinet, the Youngstown Takeover Plan took shape.  The first appearance of the plan in email was a well-formed “draft” that was sent to Dick Ross from Buddy Harris, ODE Senior Policy Analyst, on the night of February 12.  That draft was updated and sent again on the morning of February 13.  The emails were not sent to the members of the commission by Ross or Harris, and the document was created at the Ohio Department of Education.  The emails and those two drafts are below:


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Over the past two days, we’ve revealed how emails and documents released by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) directly link outgoing State Superintendent Dick Ross to the creation of a Youngstown Cabinet that worked to enact a takeover of the Youngstown City Schools via the hijacking of House Bill 70.

The Youngstown Cabinet intentionally kept their membership a secret while Ross and ODE crafted the plans.  Not until after the bill was swiftly passed (in a single day) did they finally reveal their existence.  Minutes from the April and May meetings were released months ago that […]

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The Republicans had their year-ending debate last Tuesday. The Democrats had their final presidential debate Saturday night. Star Wars, “The Force Awakens,” started showing this week, and the world has been caught in the tractor beam of the mega-move sensation.

Star Wars made a cameo appearance at the very end of the ABC sponsored debate from Manchester, New Hampshire. In her closing statement, Hillary Clinton ended by telling the crowd in front of her and the TV audience watching from home, “may the Force be with you.”

What one poll after another, from left and right and in […]

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We reported yesterday that emails and documents released by ODE tie Dick Ross directly to the formation of the Youngstown Schools “cabinet” that eventually led to the takeover of the Youngstown City Schools, despite his testimony to the State Board of Education that the committee merely came to him for advice.  More emails and documents continue to defy those claims, showing that Dick Ross was part of a very small group that began the process and initiated the formation of the cabinet and its members.

A follow-up phone call occurred on September 27 with even fewer individuals than […]

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In July, after the state legislature passed a bill to change the process for Academic Distress Commissions, leading to a state takeover of the Youngstown City School District, Dick Ross told the State Board of Education that the plan was not his, was not led by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), and that “It came from Youngstown.  I provided assistance.”

Recently released emails and documents from ODE show that Ross actually did substantially more than that, collaborating with Governor Kasich’s office on a plan to overtake Youngstown and being intimately involved in the crafting of plans since […]

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When the cat’s away, the mice will play. The cat here is responsible, fact-checking media that knows enough about a candidate’s history to compare and contrast what they said yesterday to what they said today.

Playing mice include Ohio Gov. John Kasich and his band of merry loyalists, who ride around New Hampshire in a big shiny tour bus with a ticking debt bomb clock on it that’s used at town hall meetings to mislead Granite State voters into thinking the nation’s spending and debt is out of control, ready to collapse the greatest nation on earth if the U.S. […]

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Employment data for November 2015 in Ohio, released Friday by The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, continues to clash with Gov. Kasich’s narrative that the state economy is booming.

“The new data documents the continuation of an excessively slow rate of Ohio job growth,” notes Cleveland-based economic research analyst George Zeller. “At the current sub-par rate of job growth in Ohio during October 2015, it will take Ohio 20 years to recover the jobs that Ohio previously lost during a combination of the 2000s recession and the 2007 ‘Great Recession.’ That […]

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