From the daily archives: Friday, January 15, 2016

By David Knox

Five months before declaring his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president on July 21, Ohio Gov. John Kasich took to YouTube to lay the foundation for his campaign for the White House — or, more likely, for the vice presidential slot on the GOP ticket.

“Guess what, I’ve got some really good news, Ohio,” Kasich said in proclaiming his gospel of economic salvation through job creation. “Our great state has more than earned back all the private-sector jobs we had lost in recent years. That’s right. We had lost 350,000 jobs upon my entering office and […]

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Throughout the many Republican presidential debates held so far, Gov. John Kasich pumps his “Ohio Story.” People unfamiliar with the crusty Kasich may believe that all is super wonderful back home.  But as real job data has shown, time after time, Mr. Kasich’s rhapsody of how his administration turned the state around rings hollow for deep diving number crunchers.

Deep Diving Kasich’s Job Numbers

Ohio’s preeminent job number cruncher again popped Kasich’s hot air balloon on job creation. George Zeller, based in Cleveland, offered another detailed analysis of what the latest numbers say about how the Buckeye State is […]

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