From the daily archives: Monday, January 25, 2016

The rejuvenated new-century “X Files” aired Sunday night. The popular series that delves into paranormal activity wisely did not ditch its signature, mysterious but beckoning tag line, “The Truth is Out There.”

And so it is out there. But for political junkies, pundits and others searching for the truth, finding it can be a challenge, especially if education and information are your chosen paths to find it. Sadly, but a sign of the times nonetheless, legacy newspaper reporters still think the old chestnut that presenting “both sides” of an issue to readers so they can find their own truth […]

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Mitt Romney, the richest person ever to run for president before Donald John Trump launched his bid last summer, took the plunge four years ago when he let the world peer into a personal tax return from 2011.

During the 2012 presidential contest, Romney, the former Gov. of Massachusetts who was proud to claim credit for devising Romneycare before he orphaned it when President Obama modeled the Affordable Care Act after it, faced the music of the masses by allowing the world to peek into his family finances. Confronted with his Michigan governor-father George’s declaration that a transparent candidate […]

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