From the daily archives: Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said he has his mind made up and that Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded and eliminated.

That’s the essence of two clips of Kasich taken at a U.S. Presidential campaign event in New Hampshire and posted to YouTube this week.

In the clips, Kasich is asked by a young woman from Ohio about his assertion that he would “fight like crazy” to defund Planned Parenthood. Kasich fumbles through his answers and gets thoroughly owned by the young woman.

In a second clip, Kasich suggests that the work of Planned Parenthood could […]

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Why would a parking lot developer want to serve on a city’s Historic Conservation Board?  And what role did major donations play in securing P.G. Sittenfeld’s personal support and his lobbying fellow City Councilmembers play into it?  After the disaster of Ed FitzGerald, could this be the very kind of thing that could doom the Democratic Party if Sittenfeld, and not former Governor Ted Strickland would be the U.S. Senate candidate in the general?

Last fall, Chris Wetterich of the Cincinnati Business Journal, reported that the Over-the-Rhine Foundation, a non-profit historical neighborhood preservative group, opposed the appointment of  Shree […]

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The Fox Business Network will include John Kasich in its Thursday evening prime time debate. Low polling nationally and in every state except one, New Hampshire, the term-limited Ohio leader will have a final chance before voting starts there on Feb. 9 to show he’s got the right stuff. That is, if he isn’t sent to the showers by failing to win, place or show.

According to the latest Fox News poll, Donald Trump leads with 33 percent among New Hampshire Republican primary voters. Coming in behind him are Marco Rubio [15%], Ted Cruz [12%], Jeb! Bush [9%] and […]

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Typically, for a young attorney with a mountain of law school debt, the prospect of working in the state attorney general’s office might seem like a wonderful opportunity for advancement and a life of bourgeois ease and Rotary contribution to the community.

But I imagine life in Mike DeWine’s Ohio Attorney General’s office might more resemble an ever-exhausting series of menial political score-settling tasks, with DeWine as some sort of deranged Michael Scott holding “team building exercises” about how best to pursue his personal ideological agenda.

Yes, the state’s top cop is at it again, and losing again, as is his usual, […]

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