From the daily archives: Thursday, January 21, 2016

I hope you witnessed the red carpet return of Sarah Palin from the baggage  compartment to endorse Donald Trump the other night. Appearing for a role in a rerun of the War of the Worlds, she excitedly exclaimed:  “This is going to be so much fun!” with a dead-panned Trump at her side for the next 20 minutes.  Who else but America’s fading Drama Queen could have shut him up for so long?  I guess there is some good in everything.

Palin’s histrionic schtick remains Sarah doing Sarah.   Demonizing in the higher octaves,   she recounted  America’s sins with acid-pointed daggers to […]

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[We’ve spent some time in the first three parts of this series closely examining our Constitution, its looming structural problems or fault lines, governance problems in our history that have been caused by the cumbersome Electoral College system, and issues like the meaning of the term native born citizen as it has been injected into the current presidential campaign. In Part Four, we examine a series of model amendments that are offered as a way to start a national conversation aimed toward repairing a broken system that is increasingly dysfunctional due to the injection of billions of dollars into political […]

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