From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 6, 2016

“Kasich, running for president, professes ignorance of Oregon standoff,” was a headline in The Des Moines Register Tuesday.

The paper’s reporter, William Petroski, wrote, “Kasich’s profession of no knowledge about the situation was unexpected because presidential candidates who visit Iowa are routinely quizzed at length about current events and policy issues while on the campaign trail.”

When In Doubt, Bolt The Scene

At issue was the standoff in Oregon, where self-described “patriots” took over a small federal building, vowing to stay there indefinitely. The FBI has since determined the group headed up by a member of the Bundy […]

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Ronald Reagan’s trademark slogan in 1980, when he wanted to disarm and disparage what then-President Jimmy Carter said in debates, was: “There you go again.”

Mr. Reagan’s indelible, artfully crafted phrase rings true today, especially when career Republican politicians see themselves as “CEOs” ready to right the wrongs of government.

For billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump, who continues to defy political gravity, showing the elite Beltway pundit crowd as herds of high-paid know-nothings whose insights rest on yesterday’s headlines, CEO status is the real deal. Trump may not be entirely self-made, but he oversees a vast private sector […]

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