From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 5, 2016

As I look ahead towards the political hell scape we face for the next six months of primary season I can’t help but think of the late Hunter S. Thompson.

I mourn that in this election cycle we are bereft of Hunter’s intellect, acerbic wit, jaundiced eye and irreverent deconstruction of our two party nominating rituals. He would be eviscerating the Republican field. His utter disdain and well-known derision of the Bush clan would give brutal, piercing insight into Jeb! and his moribund campaign.

He’d have reveled in the sometimes vicious rhetoric being tossed blithely about between the two major Democratic […]

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In a long and not exactly flattering article that appeared in The New York Times Magazine recently, Robert Draper, a national reporter who regularly contributes to the publication, followed Ohio Governor John Kasich in New Hampshire in September. What he witnessed was a replay of Gov. Kasich’s reelection campaign in Ohio, only in a different state.

The Big Question

Mr. Draper was in hot pursuit of Gov. Kasich for a few days in the small state where Kasich hopes to finish in the top three so he can gain traction in the next two states to vote, South Carolina and Nevada, where his chances right […]

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