From the daily archives: Friday, January 22, 2016

[In the concluding part of this series, we examine four more model constitutional amendments that are vital in strengthening the structural fault lines of our electoral system. In Part Four, we saw proposed amendments that would define voting as a fundamental right, popular election of the president and vice president, and a call for national election days with uniform voting times. It is hoped that these four amendments, if considered and approved, will repair the other remaining fault lines of our republic.]

Amendment 31.  Universal voter registration. The United States shall support a system of universal voter registration for all […]

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With three weeks until the primary in New Hampshire, the Associated Press reported last week that Ohio Gov. John Kasich is campaigning with a “sense of calm” in a very small state where he’ll “live or die.”

Gov. Kasich’s “sense of calm” may sound Zen-like, but once results of the latest CNN/WMUR are considered, it’s more like he’s whistling past his own graveyard. In the poll,  John Kasich falls to sixth place with just two percent of poll participants. Not good for the crusty CEO who’s pinned his hopes for a second run for the White House exclusively […]

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From Jeb! Bush to Chris Christie to John Kasich, this season’s mainstream “establishment” Republicans don’t have the punching power to knock out an outside brawler like Donald John Trump.

If rolling polling at is a predictor of things to come, the New York billionaire who can dominate the news cycle at will just might win both Iowa and New Hampshire.

For sitting Govs. Christie of New Jersey and Kasich in Ohio, their one-time bromance is in divorce court as each dings the other as they fend for their political lives in the small Granite State, where […]

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