From the daily archives: Saturday, January 30, 2016

Pity the poor eight Republican presidential candidates who showed up Thursday night in Des Moines, Iowa in advance of voting that starts on Monday.

The final GOP debate—just three days before Iowans caucuses and 11 days until New Hampshire voters cast first-in-the-nation primary ballots—was run off the rails by a competing event just three miles away. That event, sponsored by Donald John Trump, raised millions for America’s wounded warrior veterans. It also called the bluff of Fox News, the sponsor of tonight’s debate featuring his competitors.

In what many said was a game-changing move, Donald Trump’s decision to ditch the […]

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The irony and hypocrisy of John Kasich’s campaign for president is so great sometimes that followers of the crusty CEO governor should swallow their morning coffee to avoid having to clean up an involuntary “spit take” after Camp Kasich whines about secret money being spent against him.

What goes around comes around, it’s said, and Gov. Kasich knows that political bromide well since he’s been on the delivering end of shady attacks during his four decades in contact politics.

Turnaround Is Fair Play

The AP reports today that Gov. Kasich’s PR handlers are complaining about secret funds being […]

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