From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It’s crunch time in New Hampshire. In less than three weeks, Granite State voters will select their favorite pick for President of The United States [POTUS].

The campaign of Gov. John Kasich has a little to crow about now that he’s picked up endorsements from The Portsmouth Herald, Foster’s Daily Democrat and The Telegraph of Nashua for POTUS. The Portsmouth Herald and Foster’s Daily Democrat, both part of Seacoast Media Group, endorsed Kasich through a joint editorial.

At the same time Mr. Kasich got endorsed by these Seacoast papers, they also endorsed former secretary of State Hillary Clinton in […]

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[In Parts One and Two, we examined the controversy about the meaning of the term native born citizen, growing calls for a variety of constitutional amendments, and even an unknown element called by some as a “Convention of States.” In Part Three, we will review some historical problems with the voting process along with what I describe as fault lines that indicate the erosion in our republican system of government caused by the stress on its 18th century foundations.]

The U.S. Constitution has been described as the “world’s oldest national charter in continuous use.”  Since its adoption, our nation has […]

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