From the daily archives: Thursday, January 28, 2016

It’s getting spooky. That constant starry-eyed Kasich grin, I mean.  His rapturous  references on the stump  to  his partnership that has  peaced-him-up with the Lord. Headlines refer to him now as the Happy Warrior..  The national media, having sought in vain to change the subject from their own partnership with all things Trump, have bought into the idea that the Ohio governor is gleefully standing at the Pearly Gates these days.  It’s not the guy we have come to know back in Ohio.  But here comes another story  from New Hampshire that the voters have a Happy Warrior moving around […]

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By David Knox

Now that Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential poll numbers are up — at least in New Hampshire — will the national news media finally take a hard look at his job creation record?

Maybe. But don’t bet the rent money on it. The lure of the horse race is hard to resist. And the poll numbers show Kasich coming up fast on the outside in the final stretch of the Granite State’s Feb. 9 primary contest.

RealClearPolitics’ average of five surveys of likely New Hampshire voters, conducted Jan. 13-25, shows Kasich in third place with 11.5 percent […]

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The Ohio General Assembly is continuing to twist itself around the presidential campaign of Ohio Gov. John Kasich while staying firmly committed to only representing the interests of right-wing extremists, a minority of the state’s population that controls a majority in the state legislature.

I can’t begin to relate how resentful I am that instead of doing the hard work necessary to alleviate poverty, strengthen education, extend health care access, and invest in economic opportunities to make Ohioans’ lives better in the future, our “leaders” are pulling parlor stunts to pander to religious zealots and authoritarian nutbags in their ill-informed, […]

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