The old white guys lost!  The ones trying to run  the White House these days down through Congress.  Tweet Trump, Paul Ryan,  Mitch McConnell , Steve Bannon, Mike Pence,  the No-can-do Republican congressmen who have been dead-set on repealing Obamacare for seven years;  the loyal, head-bobbing soldiers who were solidly  committed to Trumpcare.    They all lost.

Oh, I  know.  Trump singled out Democrats Sen. Charlie Schumer  and Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the big losers.   But as is usually true of Trump, he can only communicate with people who put him in the White House.  Obamacare, he asserted over and over without  a hint of humility in the wake of thunderous defeat, will explode, explode, explode.  Barack Obama, he said, was the guilty founder of the health care “disaster”.

On two of Trump’s much ballyhooed initiatives – immigration and Obamacare repeal – Trump lost  in the courts or to his own party in  the House. .  Could it be that the unapologetic  big bad wolf is proving to be a toothless mirage?

As for  Speaker Ryan, he defined the defeat as nothing more than “growing pains” for the ruling GOP engaged in on-the-job training for Team Trump.

We can only imagine the misspent energy on Thursday night as the Trumpeters frantically tried to win enough votes to close the deal.  The effort was said to have been  filled with threats  to GOP congressmen who would face the wrath of those voters counting on  the promised repeal of Obamacare:  Strong-arm protection by the Oval Office  in exchange for the vote.  No further questions asked.

Are we witnessing the modern version of the emperor’s new clothes?