Did you know hundreds of illegal Muslim Somali immigrants are being bused to the polls by Franklin County Democrats who have a secret plan to reelect President Obama through the use of specially trained Somali interpreters and fake voter registrations?

Seriously.  It must be true.  Some anonymous Republican tipster told Sarah Marie Brenner – Powell City Councilwoman, wife of State Rep Andy Brenner and author of the over-the-top, Right Wing blog Brenner Brief – so why shouldn’t we believe it?

Brenner’s column, published yesterday at Human Events, presents no proof for any of her anonymous tips.  Instead, she spins a tale of potential voter fraud among Central Ohio’s flourishing Somali community, which contains at least 18,000 U.S. citizens, simply because some of the voters requested help from an interpreter to follow the all-English and often confusing voting instructions.

Again, Brenner has no evidence or even logical proof that any non-citizen is voting, she simply presents this scary scenario showing how easy it would be for an illegal Somali immigrant to vote in Ohio:  All they would have to do is fly 8,000 miles from Somalia to Columbus, “get an apartment, turn on the heat, bring in the Columbia Gas bill, register to vote by the deadline, and vote by showing that same bill” with the help of an interpreter.

Boom!  Seven easy steps to Voter Fraud!

We’re used to Ms. Brenner and her special brand of right-wing craziness on Twitter.  But this “story” is really over the top.

It’s nothing more than unsupported anonymous tips and conspiracy theories of the worst kind, woven together to tell a story that most certainly is not true.   It’s this type of Xenophobic bullshit that gives Brenner and her Tea Party lot their much deserved reputation for ignorant intolerance.

You only need to read the violent anti-Muslim responses in the post’s comments to know who Brenner’s writing appeals to. I’ll leave you with a select few…

  • “with hundreds of thousands of muslim somalies who hate americans here of course there will be terror its the reason oweboma continues to bring them in by the thousands.”
  • “How Does Obama get away with this? How does Congress allow this Muslim invasion? Let me understand this: The Somali Muslims are refugees from What? From the problems and violence directly attributable to that evil religion!! So we bring them here to spread their evil religion? ARE WE STUPID?? BECAUSE WE ARE EITHER STUPID TO ALLOW THIS OR THERE IS TREASON GOING ON!!”
  • “hope everyone is armed because anyone supporting Obama will riot and try to burn things down. I believe islamic terrorist will come out of the woodwork as well.”
  • “Just intimidate them by staring them down. Get in their face and ask them who they are, where they are from, etc…”
  • “It has always been said that when the 1st Amendment rights have been exhausted, we then move onto our 2nd Amendment rights. “
  • “This WAS all planned when the Dems Pelosi Reid etc saw that Hilary could NOT win, NOW the Dems have Bill speaking for them? Clinton AND Obama are the most corrupt in the world Clinton was Impeached, He is 100% agaist womens rights, You and I know what he thinks women are for! Obama IS a muslim see the youtube videos and get the truth,Muslims have NO regard for women or anyone else. They can do anything in the name of ALLAH”
  • “I hate his moronic white half as much as his filthy black half. The only racists I see are those jibbering baboons who insist on voting for Obama ‘cuz he be black!'”
  • Some of my fellow Americans are truly ignorant.

  • John

    Some of the tax problems of the music lessons business of Powell Councilwoman Sara Marie Brenner and State Representative Andrew Brenner are well-known in Delaware County. Over the last couple years, liens have been filed against their Powell business – Prestige Music Studios, Inc. – for unpaid Federal payroll tax withholding and for State workers’ compensation premiums.

    Most unpaid tax liabilities are not public information until liens are filed by the tax authorities, so we don’t know if the Brenners’ business has been or is delinquent for other taxes, such as Ohio state or Powell city income tax withholding. However, registrations for the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) are public records, and can be searched on the Department of Taxation’s website at https://www.tax.state.oh.us/HB/ETSDisclosureWeb/CATDisclosure.

    The CAT is a gross receipts tax, not an income tax, so tax is due even if the business is not profitable. Any Ohio business that has gross receipts exceeding $150,000 per year must be registered and file CAT returns. Judging from the size of their tax liens, it seems unlikely that the Brenners’ business takes in less than $150k in a year.

    But a search of the State’s CAT database shows no registration for “Prestige Music Studios, Inc.”, “The Music Lessons Co., Inc.” (supposedly the Brenners’ current corporation operating the business), “Sara Marie Brenner,” or “Andrew Brenner.” If their business is not registered, it means they are not filing CAT returns and not paying the tax.

    As elected officials regularly asking for votes and operating a business in
    Ohio, it’s high time that the Brenners come clean about their tax issues, rather than pushing wingnut propaganda.

  • xx

    She graduated High School, but only studied at OSU and several other universities. Guess she achieved her BS by other means.

  • xx

    You know Somalia is a conservative paradise, what with no big bad government, no taxes and lots of guns. Maybe they will take you.

  • xx

    I think you should make a habit of posting this on her blog.

  • xx

    “At the age of 22 she built her house in
    Golf Village and turned 30 in June 2010 with 18 years of business and
    people experience under her belt. ”

    I’m bad at English, but even I can spot the worst of the worst.

  • It gets worse. I heard that in Cuyahoga there are IRISH people actually ON THE BALLOT.

  • They’re black, so they must be cheating, right?

  • and… gasp!… Muslims too.

  • pb_dirtgirl

    so… is your argument that if there are ANY members of ANY group in the US illegally, we should be suspicious of the entire group and deny them the rights of citizenship? Not the entire Somali community was on those buses. Presumably only the ones who are legally registered. And it is the job of the poll workers to verify that before their votes are counted.

  • pb_dirtgirl

    If questionable English language skills are an indicator of voter fraud, someone needs to round up all the commenters on that Human Events site and check their voter registrations.

  • Muhammad

    Ok, Somalis don’t know how to vote because simply they are MuZlims. But unlike the R party, the D part taught us how to vote for them, and we did. Now, because the R party failed to teach us how to vote for them, we voted for our teacher, the D party. How can the R party call our votes “the pirate vote”?

  • GM52246

    Thanks, Joseph. I spotted that article too while passing by National Review; perhaps the surest sign that Obama is winning is that they’ve already complaining about voter fraud (voter fraud by black people, no less!)

    The blatant racism is bad enough, but somehow, the clearly false claim that a “bus of Romney supporters” was attacked is even worse, since only one witness was cited. As if none of the people on the bus took photos and wouldn’t be willing to talk about it.

    I’m gonna be diaring on this at dailykos; I will of course link & send readers your way. Excellent research (you too, commenter John.)

  • stryx

    Republicans think Delaware County should have a kooky part-time college student as county recorder.

    Democrats think you should VOTE BEER.

    Please help if you can.

  • I happened to read her article (provocative title sucked me in) – then used foul language in a replay – and in reflection all I can think is… this stuff brings out the worse in everyone. It has no democratic substance, instead playing on racism, xenophobia and the like. There are several thousand comments on her article – a profound array of hatred spewed out. No mention or an iota of care for Somalians living in Ohio. A willingness to instantaneously write off 40,000 Ohioans, immigrants who work in Columbus factories, who came to America not to steal votes, but for a new life. Her article shouldn’t have been about voter fraud, it should have been a story about the greatness of Democracy – about having a voice. This is a diaspora community – not pirate fraudsters.

  • Obama has doubled the Somali refugees admitted to the U.S. They aren’t the oppressed Christians or other religious minorities from Somalia. They are the Muslims. And it’s easy to come here, get a home and turn the lights on when you are a refugee. It’s free! Americans will pay their bills while they plot and vote.

  • I actually listened to one of her sources — right until he said “I’m a tea party Republican.” Life’s too short.

  • I actually listened to one of her sources — right until he said “I’m a tea party Republican.” Life’s too short.

  • She is an elected official and she is posting this on her blog? she better pray this doesnt come back and sink its sharp teeth in her rear. since her version of propoganda, exaggeration, and facism is truly showing its ugly head for what it is.

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