The Akron Beacon Journal reported last week that another failed charter school, the Next Frontier Academy, closed leaving at least 60 students  displaced.  It’s the same sad and sorry story we continue to hear about Ohio’s disastrous charter school experiment:  misspent state money. unqualified staff and a severe lack of oversight by the state.

Here are the highlights from the ABJ story:

  • “Like 200 other charters, the school has closed, adding to the $1 billion in taxpayer funding given to failed charter schools. More charter schools closed last year than at any point in the industry’s 17-year history in Ohio”
  • “Ohio Department of Education records indicate staff lacked credentials or taught outside their areas of expertise for traditional public schools, although it is legal in Ohio charter schools.”
  • “Principal Tarik West, for example, held no administrative license, only a certificate as a substitute gym teacher. West was an administrator at other charter schools and appears in a promotional video for a proposed new school.”
  • “Earlier that month, a male student allegedly, and violently, pinned a teacher against a wall. Witnesses, including Foxworth, said the assailant continued to attend the school without being punished. Had the student been expelled, the charter school would have lost state funding for that child.”
  • “Police recorded numerous thefts and fights at the school, which employed about five teachers and two administrators. But disciplining students and contacting the authorities does not appear to have been a priority.”
  • Susan Riley

    I am so sick of hearing about these charter school failures, I could scream. Why haven’t the local TV stations and/or The Dispatch picked up on any of this? One school failure is not necessarily news, but in OH there have been multiple failures with our General Assembly sitting on their hands and doing nothing about it — this IS news that should be reported!

  • Susan Riley

    I suggest everyone reading this article follow the link to the ABJ story by Doug Livingston. There’s a link there to a second story he wrote on Sept. 19th. They’re both eye-openers and rage-producers.
    One you read them, you’ll realize once and for all that charters schools are little more than shell companies for con artists.

  • sufferingsuccatash

    The Kasich administration, using charter schools as a weapon of mass destruction against Ohio’s public school children, is creating a refugee crisis of blameless youngsters throughout the state. Can Germany or France please take these displaced children? Can some land that has not been co-opted by charter school pillaging become a safe haven for Ohio’s young and innocent. Will the UN help?

  • MKTG

    The thought occurred to me today as I read about the Swiss ousting Sepp Blatter for mismanagment and misappropriation — isn’t that what’s happening in Ohio?

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