This morning I spoke with Governor Ted Strickland, as he was beginning a day of speaking out against the Romney-Ryan Campaign’s attempts to confuse and mislead voters in Ohio.

“They say that if you’re trying to run away from an alligator you should do so in a zigzag manner. In other words, just follow Mitt Romney.”

~ Governor Ted Strickland

In the interview we’ve touched on how Mitt Romney has zigzagged from saying “coal kills” to billing himself as a champion of the coal industry. We talked about how Paul Ryan has zigzagged from supporting cuts in public funding for soup kitchens, to forcing his way into a soup kitchen to wash clean pots for a photo op. We discussed how Romney has zigzagged from his statements about 47%  of Americans seeing themselves as entitled victims to saying that he cares about 100% of Americans.

This week Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock announced that he wants to write his theology into law, imposing his own personal religious beliefs on people who believe differently.

“And I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”- Richard Mourdock , U.S. Senate candidate from Indiana

Mitt Romney enthusiastically said that he supports the personhood amendments that would define life as beginning at conception. If he truly believes that a fertilized egg is a person, then how could he possibly support an exception for abortion in the case of rape? Women should be alarmed at the ideological zigzag Mitt Romney attempts to pull off here when his campaign released the statement on Mitt Romney’s behalf, speaking about Mourdock…

“I disagree with his views on rape and incest, but I still support him.”

1 in 5 American women are raped at some point in their life. Studies show that women are actually more likely to get pregnant from rape than from consensual sex. Because Mitt Romney zigzags on every single issue under the sun, I don’t trust him to protect women who are raped. I don’t trust Romney to protect women from having the government criminalize, stigmatize, and humiliate them if they choose to terminate a rape induced pregnancy. The compassion I feel from him is about equal to the compassion I’d feel from an alligator who was chasing me.

To see my video of my interview with Governor Ted Strickland this morning, <CLICK HERE>

Story by Lauren Michelle Kinsey

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