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The Cleveland Schools plan is certainly pushing the limits of Ohio’s law surrounding the operation of public school districts, but we’ve uncovered a part of the proposed changes that would appear to violate a law specifically written for the Cleveland Schools back in 1997.

That law, originally House Bill 269, authorized the mayor of a municipal school district to appoint the members of the school board for a district under a federal court order (i.e., Cleveland) and created seven completely new sections of Ohio Revised Code that pertained specifically to the municipal school district.  One section in particular, ORC 3311.75, […]

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Sometimes I worry that we only publish negative comments about Ohio’s public officials.  So I take great pleasure in pointing out two Republican public officials who have been standing up for what is right.  And just so we are clear, by “standing up for what is right” I mean “agreeing with what we said weeks ago.”

First, some props for Attorney General Mike DeWine.  We have been frequent critics of DeWine.  He was wrong to have joined in a lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration’s rules on contraceptive coverage in health insurance plans.  And support for Kasich’s plan to […]

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Last week, the much-anticipated Cleveland Schools Plan hit the Ohio legislature with the final changes that came out of negotiations between Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and the Cleveland Teachers Union.  Senator Nina Turner has co-sponsored the bill and released a statement extolling its virtues and expressing her pride in the process.

(Statement courtesy ProgressOhio)

What a difference a year makes.  On February 28, 2011, Senator Turner was one of the most outspoken opponents against Senate Bill 5, releasing the following statement on her website:

Moreover, the input of public employees was never sought […]

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Finding accurate information about the state’s plan to retain third grade children who are performing poorly in reading has been challenging.  Even State Superintendent Heffner is having a problem with the actual impact of the law if the Columbus Dispatch is to be believed.

“State Superintendent Stan Heffner estimated that roughly 15,000 third-graders would have missed the mark and been held back.”  (Columbus Dispatch, 4/26/12)

As also noted in the article, 15,000 students would represent nearly 12% of Ohio’s current third grade students.

This is ridiculous, we need to end the discussion of this plan once and […]

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Ohio Lawmakers to Shift Venue for Their Attack on Planned Parenthood Funding

by Gary Dougherty, State Legislative Director, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio

Last week, language was inserted into HB 487, the Mid-Biennium Review (MBR) budget bill, which would restrict women’s access to basic, preventive health care and vital health information from Planned Parenthood’s nonprofit health centers in Ohio.  Yesterday, the language was removed from the MBR.

Whereas we are pleased with this development, we know that the battle is not over – it will just be waged on a different front.

This was evidenced by the ominous warning issued […]

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The Fight Isn’t Over

By Kellie Copeland, executive director, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio

Last month, likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney said, “Planned Parenthood, we’re going to get rid of that.”

Last week, anti-choice politicians on the Ohio House Finance and Appropriations Committee added an amendment to the mid-biennium budget designed to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio.

In response, tens of thousands of pro-choice Ohioans overwhelmed the Ohio House with emails, letters and phone calls opposing that politically motivated attack on reproductive health care in our state.  As a result the amendment was removed in committee, and today the budget bill […]

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Rally for Women’s Rights

On April 25, 2012 By

We’ve told you for months that there is a national assault on women’s rights and Ohio is on the front lines. A new, national grassroots organization—UNITE Women—sprung up in the wake of nearly 400 bills introduced in state houses across the country to fight back. The group has organized large events in state capitals nationwide for this Saturday, April 28 and Ohio is no exception.

Saturday’s rally on the Statehouse west lawn will feature a number of speakers about such proposals as the heartbeat bill, personhood amendment, a new […]

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A few weeks ago DDN’s Laura Bischoff slammed Josh Mandel for hiring a bunch of under-qualified friends to key positions in the treasurer’s office. At least one of those staffers may have violated ohio’s ethics laws, according to a State lawmaker.

One of the staffers mentioned in Bischoff’s article was Joel Riter, a 27 year old kid who got a 2X pay raise when Mandel brought him from the campaign to the treasurer’s office. According to Bischoff, Riter “left the job after six months to join the lobbying firm Cap Square Solutions. At Cap Square he lobbies the executive […]

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Who said it? Romney vs. Obama

On April 23, 2012 By

With the endorsement of Mitt Romney by Ohio Governor John Kasich last week (a morning email doesn’t get a ton of fanfare as it turns out), Romney is officially in the world of Ohio politics.  That leaves us a mere seven months to write about his exploits before he fades off into the background of national politics.  We thought a comparison of their past statements on some of the top issues in the country would be a nice way to demonstrate why the Republicans feel so strongly that Obama must be removed from office and replaced by the […]

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This is a critical week in the Ohio Legislature. The House Finance Committee is set to vote tomorrow to pass the mid-biennium budget bill (HB487) out of committee . On Wednesday, the full House of Representatives is set to vote.

Below is an action alert from our friends at Planned Parenthood featuring easy steps you can take.

There is an amendment to the Budget revision in the Ohio House that would eliminate funding from Planned Parenthood. If it were to pass, women would lose access to critical services such as STD testing, sex education, breast cancer screenings, birth control, […]

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Guest post by Seth Bringman

If the pundits are right, the best the Republican Party has to offer the country is a moderate-turned-Tea Party-extremist corporate buyout specialist and the man singularly responsible for the failed Bush policies that brought about the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Pathetic, really.

Mitt Romney might actually be so full of himself that he wants to be his own Vice President. And if that’s the case, enter Rob Portman, a complete carbon copy of the presumptive nominee. He’s a white, male, middle aged, ultra-wealthy, predictable, uncharismatic, Tea Party-embracing supporter of policies that hurt […]

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