From the daily archives: Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ohio superintendent Stan Heffner spoke to the Cincinnati Enquirer on Thursday and revealed some new evidence that he’s been thinking about how to fund Ohio’s next generation of statewide tests.  The new tests are expected to be launched in three years as part of Ohio’s implementation of the multi-state Common Core curriculum in Math and Language Arts.  The most significant change is that these tests will be delivered completely online, meaning that schools must have the appropriate amount of up-to-date technology to accommodate all of the participating students.  This is required by the state’s decision to change to […]

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The National Rifle Association’s annual meeting kicked off yesterday in St. Louis and Mitt Romney was there trying to build up his pro-gun credentials in front of an audience that had every right to be skeptical.

As expected, Romney used the opportunity to distract from his own record on firearms by talking about the Presidents “assault” on gun rights while helping to fuel the latest gun-related conspiracy theory about President Obama. It case you haven’t heard it, it goes something like this: we know the President hasn’t done anything we’d consider anti-gun YET – but just wait until his second […]

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