From the daily archives: Monday, April 30, 2012

The Cleveland Schools plan is certainly pushing the limits of Ohio’s law surrounding the operation of public school districts, but we’ve uncovered a part of the proposed changes that would appear to violate a law specifically written for the Cleveland Schools back in 1997.

That law, originally House Bill 269, authorized the mayor of a municipal school district to appoint the members of the school board for a district under a federal court order (i.e., Cleveland) and created seven completely new sections of Ohio Revised Code that pertained specifically to the municipal school district.  One section in particular, ORC 3311.75, […]

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Sometimes I worry that we only publish negative comments about Ohio’s public officials.  So I take great pleasure in pointing out two Republican public officials who have been standing up for what is right.  And just so we are clear, by “standing up for what is right” I mean “agreeing with what we said weeks ago.”

First, some props for Attorney General Mike DeWine.  We have been frequent critics of DeWine.  He was wrong to have joined in a lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration’s rules on contraceptive coverage in health insurance plans.  And support for Kasich’s plan to […]

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