From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In our previous post, we raised an alarm about the hasty insertion of an amendment into a budget bill quickly moving through the legislature that would prevent the distribution of federal family planning funds to Planned Parenthood. We made that claim because that’s what other bills (HB298 and SB201) currently pending in the Ohio General Assembly aim out to do.

It turns out that it’s actually much, much worse than that.

In addition to restricting the flow of federal “family planning” funds, House Bill 487, sponsored by Representative Ron Amstutz and adopted without a recorded vote by members of the […]

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I swear Josh Mandel is on a mission to melt my brain. Seriously. I think he just continues to do/say insane things to try and drive me crazy.  He isn’t going to quit until my brain is reduced to a soup like substance that just sits in my skull.

Every week it’s a new thing. Last week it was hiring political cronies to fill cushy jobs in the Treasurer’s office. Prior to that it was raising campaign funds from loan sharks and before that it was about him not doing the job he was elected to do.


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Remember that thing about how there’s not really a war on women and that democrats were just making it all up to scare people? Apparently nobody at Republican headquarters remembered to get that memo to their people in Ohio.

Earlier today, the Ohio House Finance and Appropriations Committee met and voted to adopt a number of amendments to HB487, Governor Kasich’s “mid-biennium review” of the two-year state budget. Hidden within a five-page summary of the various amendments is the following innocuously worded item:

“provide a prioritization of family planning funds”

This is shorthand for a proposal, pending in the […]

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In an attempt to distract from the latest “War on Women” media coverage and Mitt Romney’s plunging support with female voters, Republicans started pushing a story around last week about the pay differential between women and men working at the White House. According to the Washington Free Beacon: “female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000, which was about 18 percent less than the median salary for male employees ($71,000).”

It’s important to note here that the Free Beacon does not provide data for review, which should already raise questions about the validity of their findings. It’s […]

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