From the daily archives: Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back in February we highlighted Kasich’s anti-crime agenda. The two key components were: stern warnings and a bill to make hidden compartments in cars illegal.

First, the signs.  By now, everyone has seen them.  The problem is that there is no evidence that they have led to any actual, you know, arrests.

If the signs had worked, the Highway Patrol would be bragging about it.  The Highway Patrol puts out a ton of press releases highlighting major drug busts.  Heck, the Highway Patrol earlier this month “invited” the public and the media to follow a new class of […]

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Kasich endorsed Romney today. No surprise there. Joe Vardon has a piece in the Dispatch today covering the announcement, but he also delves into what will likely be one of the most important campaign issues and determiners of success in November: the economy.

Vardon quotes a professor of political science from the Ohio State University who says that the improving economy helps Kasich politically, but it also helps Obama. When asked about the professor’s comments, Kasich responded:

“You know why God made political scientists? So they could make astrologists look accurate.”

“I would advise kids not to take their […]

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With their move to defund Planned Parenthood, Ohio Republicans have put our state on center stage in the nationwide assault on women’s health. While the national party sought to quell the talk of a “war on women” and make these issues go away, the Ohio party jumped in with both feet.

We are in the national spotlight and that’s a good thing. When Virginia tried to require vaginal ultrasounds for an abortion, thousands of women took action and scared politicians to change the bill. […]

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