From the daily archives: Friday, April 6, 2012

Let’s get one thing straight — I love Cleveland-area Senator Nina Turner.  I love her impassioned speeches and I still get chills as I remember listening to her fight against Senate Bill 5 last year on the Senate floor.  And her introduction of legislation to protect men from the dangers of “Viagra” was magical.

But last week Turner and Representative Sandra Williams got duped by Ohio’s education reform machine as the two were all but forced to co-sponsor legislation in their respective houses that would force significant changes on the Cleveland School district, effectively enacting Cleveland Mayor Frank […]

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Within days of news developing that Treasure Josh Mandel hired young and inexperienced campaign staffers to fill top-ranking positions in the Treasurer’s office, new information has come to light that Mandel sent his top debt management director to a beginner’s course on the topic in early 2011.

Huffington Post reported yesterday that Joe Aquilino, 26-years –old at the time, attended a seminar on the fundamentals of municipal bond law in April of 2011 at the National Association of Bond Lawyers conference. He attended as Ohio’s director of debt management.

Historically, Ohio’s debt management director works with the state’s […]

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