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Who said it? Romney vs. Obama

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With the endorsement of Mitt Romney by Ohio Governor John Kasich last week (a morning email doesn’t get a ton of fanfare as it turns out), Romney is officially in the world of Ohio politics.  That leaves us a mere seven months to write about his exploits before he fades off into the background of national politics.  We thought a comparison of their past statements on some of the top issues in the country would be a nice way to demonstrate why the Republicans feel so strongly that Obama must be removed from office and replaced by the […]

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This is a critical week in the Ohio Legislature. The House Finance Committee is set to vote tomorrow to pass the mid-biennium budget bill (HB487) out of committee . On Wednesday, the full House of Representatives is set to vote.

Below is an action alert from our friends at Planned Parenthood featuring easy steps you can take.

There is an amendment to the Budget revision in the Ohio House that would eliminate funding from Planned Parenthood. If it were to pass, women would lose access to critical services such as STD testing, sex education, breast cancer screenings, birth control, […]

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Guest post by Seth Bringman

If the pundits are right, the best the Republican Party has to offer the country is a moderate-turned-Tea Party-extremist corporate buyout specialist and the man singularly responsible for the failed Bush policies that brought about the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Pathetic, really.

Mitt Romney might actually be so full of himself that he wants to be his own Vice President. And if that’s the case, enter Rob Portman, a complete carbon copy of the presumptive nominee. He’s a white, male, middle aged, ultra-wealthy, predictable, uncharismatic, Tea Party-embracing supporter of policies that hurt […]

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