From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recently, two new bills were introduced to make significant revision to JobsOhio.  There is a lot to dislike about these bills and JobOhio; our position on JobOhio has always been pretty clearly against.

Hidden within the Legislation is an exception to Ohio public records laws for records created or received by JobsOhio.  The proposed provision would exclude from Ohio’s Public Records Laws any “Records created or received by” JobsOhio, “regardless of who may have custody of the records . . .”

This would significantly limit the scope of the information about JobOhio that is subject to Ohio public records laws.

Under current […]

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When Kasich announced his tax hike for the oil and gas industry last month, his “friends” in the industry were completely shocked. Oil and gas lobbyists were shocked. Republican legislative leaders were shocked.

That’s because Kasich and his team, sitting in a back room somewhere, decided they needed to have an income tax cut on their record going into the 2014 elections, and the best way to get the money was to raise taxes on the booming shale gas industry. They did not, however, think it was necessary to involve anyone else in their decision making process.

They didn’t […]

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