From the daily archives: Friday, August 26, 2016

Readers might want to label this tale of Statehouse antics as just more of the same. On second thought, maybe it could be a reminder for being careful about what you wish for in life.

A state senator known for his aggressive style in questioning individuals at hearings acted as the “hired gun” for Republicans in a meeting on August 22 to review new charter school administrative rules prepared by the Ohio Department of Education.  He was not shy in flexing his muscles in the fight between Republicans and ODE over reforming the state’s scandal-ridden and poorly performing charters.

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Plunderbund was the only media sanctioned to be in courtroom 23B of the 10th District Court of Appeals in downtown Columbus Thursday, to hear and record presentations in the case of Earl v OEC.

Despite being unsuccessful so far, starting at the Ohio Elections Commission, it makes a compelling argument that Gov. John Kasich’s reelection campaign, the state Republican Party and other political operatives, especially Terry Casey, a long-time political friend and ally of the governor, coordinated political activity for the purpose of eliminating The Libertarian Party of Ohio’s 2014 candidate for governor from the ballot through activities centered on […]

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I don’t criticize Ohio tag-along Sen. Rob Portman for being a Republican. I’ve known some Democrats over the many years who were worse.

No, my problem with Portman is that he is a hypocrite-in-chief.

The other night ,for example, there he was in a TV commercial tryng to make waves inside of a big workplace wearing a prescribed white hardhat and jeans, a big smile, and seemingly in his casual comfort zone with whoever the guys were who were standing next to him. The commercial was again blasting his Democratic opponent, former Gov. Ted Strickland, for losing 350,000 jobs.(The senator’s […]

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New reports emerged overnight about the new head of the Trump for President Campaign, Steve Bannon, who formerly ran the racist and sexist Breitbart News website. According to the New York Times, in 1996 Bannon was alleged to have roughed up his wife and smashed her phone when she tried to call police during an argument.

There’s a lot to this story, including this allegation that Bannon threatened his wife to get her to drop the charges, and apparently refused to marry her until 3 days before the birth of their twins, insisting on waiting to make sure the babies were “normal” […]

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