I don’t criticize Ohio tag-along Sen. Rob Portman for being a Republican. I’ve known some Democrats over the many years who were worse.

No, my problem with Portman is that he is a hypocrite-in-chief.

The other night ,for example, there he was in a TV commercial tryng to make waves inside of a big workplace wearing a prescribed white hardhat and jeans, a big smile, and seemingly in his casual comfort zone with whoever the guys were who were standing next to him. The commercial was again blasting his Democratic opponent, former Gov. Ted Strickland, for losing 350,000 jobs.(The senator’s fiction writers don’t think small.)

Even for politics, the message was a shameful whopper that has already been dented by the state’s ivory towers.

But wait. if you look closely at one of these commercials for this clubby white collar friend of labor you will see that it was sponsored by labor’s arch enemy, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a major proponent of right-to-work laws.

How can that be? Just as it can be Portman describing himself as a “common-sense conservative’” while endorsing Donald

So far, I have found nothing authentic about Portman’s job creation plans other than saving his own job.

Oh, about all those job losses that he lays at Strickland’s doorstep.

Didn’t Strickland inherit them from the Bush recession?

Yep. And who was Bush’s budget advisor?

Rob Portman.