From the daily archives: Sunday, August 14, 2016

The news from Donald Trump’s campaign Friday about the launch of 15 regional field offices in Ohio sounds great until it’s paired with where Mitt Romney was at this point four years ago and how far ahead Hillary Clinton’s campaign is now.

The Trump campaign’s 15 field offices will coordinate with the hub headquarters office in Columbus, but not included is an office in Hamilton County, a key county that voted for President Obama twice but historically supports Republican candidates like Senator Rob Portman, who Congressional district was there, or Robert Taft, a twice-elected Republican governor with deep family […]

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Lots of Ohio Republicans, especially Gov. John Kasich in particular, have multiple crosses to bear for various sins committed over their long and lucrative time as elected public officials.

For a second-time presidential candidate like Ohio’s term-limited governor, who erroneously thought a higher authority had called him to run for the White House again, the first cross he nailed himself to was raising his hand in the very first of many televised debate forums and pledging to support the GOP candidate who emerged from the grueling and bitter primary season as the party’s nominee for president.

Now that the GOP […]

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The commercial ends with the “ECOT Senior” reading theĀ final line of the script, “If ODE closes ECOT, where will I go?”

The good news is that it won’t be a problem, since she would not have been enrolled in ECOT next year regardless of what happens to the mega e-school.

As it turns out, Summer was simply playing a role in the commercial and, thanks to her independent efforts, she will be going to college next year.

We reached out to Summer when pictures surfaced of her at this year’s ECOT graduation ceremony in her cap & […]

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